BKD Updates : Gist


Message: Dr. Chacko Thomas

We learn more of the God of concern than of Jonah in this book.

Ch.1 The Great God
Ch.2 The Great fish
Ch.3 The Great city
Ch.4 The Great God of grace

Concern of parents when the child doesn't reach home at the expected time.

George verwer cried helplessly when there was no information about for 4 days when Logos left England in adverse climatic conditions.

God's concern is more than that. He was concerned about

1. The Ninevites
2. The sailors
3. Jonah himself
4. God of Great grace

Jonah, even after knowing the mind of God, is running away from will and plan of God. Jonah went and the wicked has to be punished.
God is a God of justice. He pronounces judgement of the wicked. At the same time He's a God of compassion too. He desires the wicked to be convicted of their sins and confess.
He has no pleasure in judging the wicked. None is too great a sinner that God can't save. So He forgives and restores to him the confessing sinner.

God is not only after a community but after an individual like Jonah.
God is teaching patiently Jonah (who's angry even to God) about God's concern for his creation, people, children & all creatures and animals, more
than Jonah's concern for the withered tree.

We need to share God's concern and sacrificially be involved in reaching the lost. ⁠⁠⁠⁠