BKD Updates : Gist


Keynote Address: Bishop Dr. Thomas Abraham

1. Our God is concerned about the salvation of all, that they come to the knowledge of the Truth about Him.1 Tim.2:4.

After having such a knowledge of this great God, Jonathan Edward was instrumental in a revival in England.

2. Be sensitive to the need of others
- Jonah was angry with God for the withering of the tree (not made by him)
- But he was not concerned about the eternally perishing people of Nineveh, when God was concerned about His own creation.
We seldom cry over our friends and neighbors who die without the knowledge of Truth.

3.Jonah wanted the wicked Ninevites to be punished whereas God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Ezek.33:11

4. We must embark on diligent prayers.
God heard the prayers of
- the sailors
- Jonah in the belly of the fish
- the repented Ninevites

5% of 135 crores Indians only are Christians. Others are under the total reign of Satan.
Should we not be concerned about these perishing without Christ?

A lady in New Jersey found it difficult to share the gospel with George Verwer. She could only pray for him. Her prayer was heard.
God lead him to attend Billy Graham's Convention in Pennsylvania which resulted in the conversion of George. The result was the worldwide movement of OM.
Salvation of particular individual is as important as the repentance and salvation of a community.

"God does nothing but in answer to prayer".

What's done in faith and prayer is only real and lasting; others are deceptive.