BKD : Gist of Messages

Message at Worship & Holy Communion
Bishop Dr. Thomas Abraham

Theme : Perfect Peace from Steadfast Trust

There are many concerns we are disturbed about. We look to the Word of God in such situations.
We are the people of the Word. The Bible has ab answer to all our disturbances.
Isa.26:3 "You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee".
How can we have steadfast trust?
Gal.3:6,9 Those who have faith in God as Abraham had will enjoy blessings as His righteousness is credited to their accounts.
Acts 27:
In the midst of possibility of a ship wreck, Paul exhorts the passangers "not to be frightened. I'm sure about your safety as assured from my God". Here's a man who enjoys perfect peace of God encouraging others to enjoy the same.
Phil.4:4. Robert Crown encourages through his poems but he doesn't give the source of peace.
We've the peace of God, beyond our understanding, by the God of peace, quieting our hearts and monds in Christ Jesus.
4:7. So be not anxious on anything. There are many prosperous in business, sports etc. who wanted to commit suicide and end in life came back to peaceful life through the counsel of prople of God.
Should we not be concerned about such hopeless people of the world, even in various high worldly positions.
Ps. 55:22 Cast your cares to God; He'll sustain you.
Rom8:32. God spared His only begotten son for our great eternak salvation; then He's sufficient to all our lesser needs.
We're going to the Lord's Table, commemorating the sacrificial life of Jesus for saving us from eternal hell of sufferings. Those who only have the peace with God and others, having the peace of God only be able to share His peace to others.
In closing the message, Bishop Most Rev. Dr. CV Mathew exhorted
"So be reconciled to God and one another, confessing our sins and get cleansed before we come to the Lords Table so that we will not condemned by sharing from His Table. Let us enjoy the peace of God even through this Holy Communion. "