BKD : Gist of Messages

Message by Bishop Most Rev. Dr. C. V. Mathew

From the book of Jonah

Who was Jonah?
1.1:9 He claimed that he was a true Hebrew; belonging to the people of God, descendant of Abraham, of the Covenental community; having a good legecy.
2. Worship the true God, true believer, a practicing Jew.
3. He was a good Theologian, student of the Word of God, believer in the God of Creation, not an Evolutionist. Knew the power and character of God, compassionate God.
4. 2: 1-8. He was a wonderful Jew of outstanding prayer, on Scriptural teaching.
5. He was a man of "intergrity" 1:3, having practical ethics, though he was rebellious to God.
He would have been a wonderful Evangelical Church member, if he lived in this age.
Jonah gave one outstanding message, of punishment to the wicked. He was waiting for God's action of judgment.
Though the people confessed and redeemed, he was angry with God for being compassionate. God asked him, "why are agry about the withered tree, not planted or watered by you. But should I not be concerned about my creation of 120,000 people lost wothout God?
He was an Evangelical, Bible-believing, missionary of God but without vision of God's heart of compassion.
14 lakhs people in Betul District. Only 3402 Christians! Should I be not concerned about the rest? Give answer before we leave Thorenwada?
So is the case with Nagpur, Bhopal, Yavatmal, Maharashtra State. The 4 States of North India has less than the number of Christians of Calicut, 1/8th of Kottayam District.
God says, "should I not be concerned about these people?".
Why Catholics (who are criticized by Evangelicals as non-Biblical) can do preaching & healing ministry across the unreached States when Evangelicals can't. They have seen the "bleeding heart ( )" of Christ but we have not !!!
27(18 men+7 women) between 20 & 45 years responded to the alter-call, stood, came forward to the podium and committed to be concerned about the concern of God's heart and to be involved actively in the ministry of God in this unreached parts of the country, in whatever platform they find, need not be in HBM, Evangelistic Board or Youth Board.
Many above 45 years also committed similarly.
Bro. George Jacob (Vasai) committed them into God's hand and prayed.
Bishop asked those committed to write down in their Bible at the end of the Book of Jonah thus,"I too concerned,Oh! God".