BKD : Gist of Messages

Message by Dr. Chacko Thomas


A Tract given by my father "Five wounds of Jesus". He was not a Christian worker.
Jesus was wounded on 5 places in his body because we sin through these 5 body parts. That message changed my life to the Lord.
Often important messages are short.
God's message to Ninaveh, to Paul, to Peter were short. May be people can think seriously.
Chapter 3
God of creation
(v.7) King asked the people to call on Him. Men and animals to be in sackcloth, call on God earnestly,
(v.8) confess their wicked ways (could be following other gods) and from the violence (in relationships).
We're in a spiritual warfare, though the enemy is a defeated foe.
1 Thess. 1:2 - work of faith, work of love & steadfast hope.
v.9 Turned away from idols.
God was going through all the troubles of managing the disobeying Jonah, trouble of the people in the ship, Jonah swallowed by a whale , listening to Jonah's prayer in the belly of the fish and saving him - All because of God's compassion for the perishing people of Nineveh.
Characteristics of Jonah's message:
1. It reflects the true character of God - grace and mercy of God.
2. Clear and definite- not vague
Gen.1&2. A lingayath man accepted Christ, reading through the Bible from first page about the publishers etc. In ch.1 he read that God created the man. So he wanted to follow his Creator.
3. Calls attention to the message and not the messager. They believed God (not impressed by Jonah). Preach Christ & nothing else. Jeremiah asks to boast in knowing God, not in one's positions or possessions.
4. His message was authoritative because it came from God, from above.
I had a depression after accepting Christ because I had questions about the authority of God's Word; on the other side I never wanted to put aside the Bible given by my parents. I read a book by A W Tozer which made me reading Bible from Genesis and it helped me to believe the authority of the Word of God.
5. The Divine message has no alternative. In many Churches people don't hear about Christ but go after alternatives including saints.
When Sadhu Sundar Sigh was asked in Oxford University why did he opted Christianity, he just replied "Jesus Christ". They might not have understood!!